Jennifer Aniston's Rage: 'I Threw a Chair at a Director'

Aniston assaulted a director, but she says he was asking for it. Fart fetishists can't get enough of Nancy Grace. Ashton Kutcher's mistresses poses topless. Demi Moore still wears her wedding ring. Friday gossip returns to the one who hurt it.

  • We begin today's roundup with a dramatic scene from When Jennifer Aniston Attacks. Dim the lights and cue Jaws' intro music: "I threw a chair at a director. It wasn't my proudest moment. He was treating a script supervisor horribly… When the director walked in, I threw a chair at him. I missed, of course. I was like, 'You can't speak to people like that.' I can't tolerate it." Well, as long a the chair-throwing was altruistic. (Sidenote: If someone threw a chair on my behalf, I'd probably file a restraining order against them. Thanks but no thanks, chair-throwers.) Anyway, onto the blind item: WHICH male director did Jennifer Aniston assault with a chair? I'm thinking it happened on the set of one of her more intense, high-stress films, like Marley and Me. [Elle, Us, image via Getty]
  • Demi Moore is still wearing her wedding ring, even though Ashton Kutcher got caught naked in a hot tub with four busty blondes, one of whom he "bleeped… LOL." Working on her marriage, or just keeping the jewelry? [X17]
  • Speaking of Ashton Kutcher's naked hot tub slam piece, here's a picture of Sara Leal with her top off. The logo on the t-shirt wrapped around her waist is for a San Diego party promotion company. Since a party promoter was also the first person to sell Sara out and basically call her a prostitute, let this be a lesson here for strict dads the world around: Never let your daughters hang out with party promoters. It's like hiring a pimp as a babysitter. [Egotastic]
  • Sharon Osbourne had her breast implants removed because one "leaked into the wall of my stomach." She noticed it when she woke up one morning, "and one of my boobies was kind of much longer than the other… So I'm thinking, this isn't right." [People]
  • The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky is "miserable in the relationship" she created on a national TV show. Fancy that. [Us]
  • Post Blake Lively, Leonardo DiCaprio seems to be back to his modelizing ways, this time with a lady from Australia's Next Top Model. "Just friends," he says. [E!]
  • A "fart fetish group" wants to license the rights to Nancy Grace's on-air Dancing with the Stars fart. But what if it wasn't Nancy, but the host, or her partner, who farted? And now Nancy is stuck being the fart fetish pin-up girl for the rest of her life. Such are the bargains we make for fame. [TMZ]
  • Vanessa Hudgens is today's entry in popular body-dysmorphia-inducing tabloid game show Pregnant Or Sandwich? I'm going with "sandwich." [Celebuzz]
  • Twilight vampiress Ashley Greene is dating Reeve Carney, the male lead from the Spiderman musical. It's like dating a fireman, living on the edge, in love with a man who could die at any minute. [Us]
  • Snooki had her people ask if Kate Winslet would meet with her, to give career advice, and Kate "just stared blankly and said, 'What a Snooki?'" [Celebslam]
  • Michael Jackson death trial update: The coroner took the stand yesterday, and admitted to making some mistakes. [AP]