Today we did some more handwringing about how fat our kids are going to get from all that fast food. How to get them to stop eating that crap? One commenter has an interesting strategy.

From Vintagehorsesdrinktea:

I've totally got reverse psychology going on this one. For breakfast I feed my kid Twinkies and McDonalds super-fried hashbrowns with sausage, bacon, eggs, butter and maple syrup biscuits. For snacks I take her to the candy shop and let her eat from the bins. At lunch time it's off to KFC for some corporate-fried chicken, biscuits galore and a couple gallons of pop. Dinner time, being family time, is spent once again at McDonalds, we order Happy Meals, with extra fries of course. She plays, I watch, then we stop at the local ice cream shop for a triple scooper. I wake her in the middle of the night for snacks of RedBull, Frito's and PopRocks. Don't trip on the diet guys, when she's a teenager she'll totally rebel against me and go vegetarian.

This mostly just made me hungry. Sigh.

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