Maybe you were swamped at the office this week and couldn't check your favorite Gawker Media sites. Or maybe you're about to work a double and need one last distraction. Whatever the case, we've got you covered. Here are some of the best videos we watched during the week that was.

Is This the Most Amazing Time Lapse Video Yet? (Spoiler: It Is)

Gizmodo friend and amazing filmmaker and photographer Vincent Laforet says that calling this time lapse video of Utah and Arizona "breathtaking" is an understatement. View »

The ten most amazing close calls

We like to think that attentiveness and good car control are what keep us safe on the roads. Sometimes, though, skill ain't got nothing to do with it. View »

Watch Stephen Colbert's Tribute to Steve Jobs

Stephen Colbert has long been an out-and-proud Apple fanboy. So it should come as no surprise that he took some time on tonight's Report to remember Steve Jobs with a tribute that was funny until it was sad. It was also pretty much perfect. View »

Video of the New Xbox Dashboard Surfaces After Leak

A recent leak of the latest software development kit for Xbox 360 included the new Xbox Live dashboard, which rumor has it will be released on Nov. 15, and scuttlebutt has it some kind of cable TV service could arrive with it. View »

A Cameraman Wiped Out During Today's Rangers-Rays Game

A cameraman wiped out while tracking Adrian Beltre on his trot home after a solo shot in the second inning. We have video, of course. View »

Moms Have No Problem With Their Young Daughters' Writhing

When our girls won the national title last week, you might have thought it was the shining moment for the Abby Lee Miller dance school. But what's a national title when you could be shimmying around in neon feathers and hair extensions? View »

Kim Kardashian Likes Complaining About Her Husband, Saying 'Like'

So, like, Kim Kardashian and her husband Kris Humphries were totally on The Tonight Show this evening and, like, they were sitting there and stuff and then Jay Leno asked Kim about things Kris does that, like, annoy her and she was all... View »

Tribute Video to Steve Jobs

Rather than writing his obituary, I thought it would be better to pay tribute to Steve Jobs by stealing one of his ideas. That's why I made this last Think Different video, in memoriam. View »

Jeremy Clarkson's epic Forza Motorsport 4 live-action trailer

If your hands are already soaked with sweat in anticipation for the release of Forza Motorsport 4 on October 11th (in North America, Oct. 14th in Europe), we've got some good news. View »

Making a Butt-Flashing Music Video Sure Looks Easy (and Breezy)

Japanese voice actress Chiaki Takahashi of BlazBlue and The Idolmaster fame is releasing her debut solo single, a cover of club tune "Chupa Rico". So far, Takahashi has gotten more attention for the song's video. View »

Sean Young Begs for Work in Bizarre Late Show Appearance

Well, this was uncomfortable. On tonight's Late Show, David Letterman interviewed '80s movie star-turned-alcoholic flameout Sean Young. The chat was bizarre from the onset—and then turned downright sad. View »

Andy Roddick Gets A Question Andy Roddick Doesn't Like, Storms Out Of Press Conference

Andy Roddick is known for three things, basically: he is an American who can serve tennis balls at high speeds, he is married to Brooklyn Decker, and he is a rather petulant subject with the press, or simply with authority. View »

Beyoncé's 'Countdown' Video Has Plenty Of Baby Bump

Oh, sorry, did you have plans for the rest of today? Well you're going to need to cancel them because you'll be busy watching Beyoncé's new "Countdown" video over and over again. View »

F-18 Pulls Up at the Last Minute to Avoid Smashing Sailors

Aside from a bad can of beans, an F/A-18E jet about to land on top of you is the easiest way to shit your pants in the Navy. Last month these clueless sailors were almost vaporized. View »

Conan O'Brien Surprises Jimmy Fallon on Late Night

Conan O'Brien returned to NBC, and the studio he occupied for 16 years as host of Late Night, on Wednesday when he paid Jimmy Fallon an on-air visit. But O'Brien wasn't there for nostalgia's sake. View »

This is proof advertisers don't know crap about cars

It's appropriate that Nurofen Zavance is a pain-reliever, because after watching this video you're going to have a massive headache. Seriously, did a seven-year-old boy write this thing? View »

American Kids Totally Baffled by Japanese Virtual Creation

Hatsune Miku is a virtual idol. She exists in the virtual space. In the latest Kids React, a group of kids react to the singer. Any guesses as to how this will go? View »

Watch A High School Kicker Nail A 64-Yard Field Goal With Room To Spare

Austin Pacheco, a high school senior out of Carson City, Nev. who will probably be made very rich by an NFL contract in a few years, kicked a game-winning field goal on Friday night-from 64 yards and with room to spare. View »

Brooklyn UFO Sighting Caught on Tape: 'Shiiiiit'

Bushwick resident and YouTuber TheFallGuy53 was minding his own business, sitting on his front stoop, when suddenly, an apparition of light. A UFO, lurking in the Brooklyn sky! View »

Watch the Evolution of Zack Morris' Brick Cell Phone from Saved By The Bell

Is anyone more associated with the old brick cell phone than Zack Morris? I don't think so. Watch that grey beige brick phone of his evolve from complete brick to... slightly less of a brick in Saved By The Bell. View »

Finding a Little Doom in Your Rage

There are plenty of Doom coffee mugs laying around in the world of Rage. But that's not the little bit of Doom I'm talking about, I'm talking about some retro gameplay. View »

The Curious Case Of The $25,000 Sunglasses

In the latest edition of The Beverly Hills Housewives, 90210, Adrienne Maloof threw a Califorina-style bbq, the reason for which we can't quite put our finger on. Maybe it had something to do with that $25,000 pair of sunglasses? View »

South Park's Season Premiere: Ass Burgers for Some, Whiskey for All

South Park kicked off its 15th season tonight in an episode that combined four show staples: potty humor, political satire, parody and pondering the human condition. It also had probably the saddest ending in the show's history. View »

As Taco Shop Brawls Go, This One's Really Good For About 30 Seconds

The fun starts at the 0:53 mark, when a guy wearing av69 jersey with his socks pulled up to his knees unsuccessfully challenges two fellas to a duel in the neighborhood taco shop. View »

Can Anyone Explain How the Hell This Giant Popsicle Stick Wave Exploded?

How is this possible? Thousands upon thousands of rainbow popsicle sticks, layered together into an enormous exploding chain reaction. But... how? Is there a spring somewhere? View »

Take a ride in the world's only Lamborghini Marzal

It's impossible to not love the one-off Lamborghini Marzal, but the Gandini-designed Bertone masterpiece has been largely seen only in the feverish dreams of vintage car enthusiasts since its 1967 debut. View »

Jon Stewart: Sarah Palin's 'Campaign' Was Just a Money-Making Scheme

At face value, Sarah Palin's announcement yesterday that she wouldn't seek the Republican nomination for President seemed tame in comparison to her usual antics. That's why we're lucky Jon Stewart never takes her at face value, because this? View »