While walking along the Baltic Sea the other day, Swedish woman Annica Winhagen found a message in a bottle sent 22 years ago by a girl whose mother she'd worked with back in the 1980s. Then Winhagen made fun of the girl's shitty handwriting.

Kidding! No, actually, The Local reports that the stunned seaside stroller contacted her old coworker about the message, and then the old coworker contacted her daughter, Josefin Grund, to tell her about the discovery, and Daughter Grund was like, "whoah."

Someone should make a movie about this incident, starring Julia Roberts as Winhagen. I don't care who plays Grund, but she should be presented as a woman who is divorcing her passive-aggressive husband, trying to leave an unsatisfying job, and going through an identity crisis. Roberts' character becomes Grund's mentor/spiritual adviser and we see them drinking wine, trying on outrageous clothes at a fashion shop, and having a sleepover. All this sudden closeness briefly makes Mama Grund jealous, but by the end everybody reconciles and in the final scene three three women cast off new messages-in-the-bottle that feature the same message (something about how "the universe works in mysterious ways"). They jump and run around on the beach while the credits roll.

[The Local, via UPI]