The Seattle Police Department has begun handing out tickets to motorists—including cab drivers—who honk if they love their local Occupy Wall Street contingent. People can probably still honk if they love Jesus, though don't quote us on that.

Apparently lots of Seattleites have been been making the beep-beep in support of the protesters, currently camped out at Westlake Park (in case you want to visit them after church today). One ticketed honker is cab driver Ayad Agila, who told KOMO News he was "shocked" that he had to pay either $124 or $144 just for honking. Agila told KIRO he won't pay the fine, and now he's probably on some sort of government watch list. Meantime, protesters have been trying to help their supporters by holding signs warning them not to honk.

Car horns are annoying. It's a well-known fact. Seriously! But how can the cops tell if drivers are honking for the protesters, or honking for purely driving-related reasons? Also, shouldn't they ticket people who let their car alarms go off, because that's even worse than incessant honking? I'm only suggesting these ideas in order to make a more fair and equitable society in Seattle, and also to help the SPD maximize its earning potential.

It's another Battle of Seattle!

[KOMO. Image via AP]