"A verdict has been issued for Marzieh Vafamehr," the declaration went. "Sentence is a year in jail and 90 lashes."

Vafamehr is an Iranian actress who was arrested in July for appearing in the movie My Tehran for Sale (trailer here), an Australian co-production shot entirely in Tehran. In it, Vafamehr plays a theater actress who moves through Iran's artistic underground, eventually meeting an expat at a secret rave who helps her plot her escape from Iran.

The movie was condemned by the country's religious leaders and banned, but was furtively passed around among the kinds of young artists depicted in it. After it had gotten into the wrong hands, Vafamehr was identified, arrested and taken into custody. She was released on bail later that month.

Her lawyer has appealed the sentence, which was handed down on Saturday. [Breitbart, screengrab: My Tehran for Sale]