Rick Perry's high production value filmmaker (whom Perry stole from loser Tim Pawlenty) has released his latest, scariest opus, just in time for Satan's birthday, Halloween.

It goes something like: Obamacare is coming to kill you all. Its genocidal inspiration? Romneycare. Mitt Romney extended health insurance to 99% of Massachusetts residents as governor. [Lightning.] Psychotic peach-picking Georgia goblin Jimmy Carter likes this idea of extending health insurance to everyone, too. Mitt Romney, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, are coming to to slaughter your homestead next. So vote Rick Perry! Eh? [Lightning.]

The thing is? Mitt Romney is probably the candidate most likely to push for a full repeal of Obamacare if he took office, to prove his loyalty to conservatives. That's our Mittens! He's not your special secret smart friend.