In your sparkling Monday media column: Sean Hannity mulls the end, NPR's chief hints at post-government funding, Bill Keller's split personality, magazine ad revenue report, and Conde Nast goes Hollywood.

  • Fat-headed long distance trucker Sean Hannity says that he "might leave" when evil toad boss Roger Ailes leaves Fox News in 2013. Doubtful. Sounds like a bluff in advance of contract negotiations, to us. Despite his years of on the record pleas to the US government to allow him to legally marry Alan Colmes, we just can't help but imagine that Hannity will get cold feet now that he has the chance.
  • After the Juan Williams fiasco and its attendant fallout, we said it was time for NPR to get off the government payroll. A utopian idea! But could the new Muppet slavedriver NPR CEO see that writing on the proverbial wall? He may be indicating so, in a very circumspect way! So... we'll see, I guess. Sorry we don't have more thrilling news for you. This is the real world.
  • Funny thing: whenever Bill Keller speaks at length about the editorial issues facing the New York Times, he seems thoughtful and reasonable! Whereas every time he writes a column, we dislike him more. Odd.
  • Third quarter magazine ad revenue report time! Total revenue is down 1.5% for the quarter, but still up slightly for the year. Food advertising fell by 25% in the quarter! These and other fascinating figures can be found here.
  • Conde Nast is launching a new "entertainment division" to develop TV and online spinoff content. Well, whattaya know. Maybe Conde Nast will stop being so bummy.

[Photo via AP]