Today we discovered that, holy crap, little girls like decorating their lockers at school. And, turns out, so did some of you! Or your daughters do. Let's look at some anecdotes.

From achilleselbow:

Fuck yes. I really wish I had a picture of my high school locker with its Manowar posters and Morbid Angel stickers to post here, but the site would explode from the sheer amount of awesome. Also, we didn't have cameras in our phones back then :-(

From american banshee:

A few days before our senior year of high school began, a group of friends and I all went to the school to decorate our lockers. These were not the half-lockers with one locker on top of another, oh no! These were full-sized lockers and they needed to be decked out in all their glory that only a 17-year-old girl knows how to do. For a few weeks leading up to this event (and yes, it definitely was an "event"), I had carefully cut out pictures of Duran Duran drummer Roger Taylor (what can I say, it was 1984?) to grace the inside of my locker. Every time I opened that locker — and I made sure to do so many times a day — there was Roger, smiling at ME <>. Everyone agreed I did indeed have the coolest locker on the senior level upstairs hallway.

Until some jealous bitch squirted ketchup packets into my locker through its vents. I cried as I carefully untaped all Roger's pictures from my locker walls. Not that I'm bitter or anything...

From magnets:

In middle school, one of my best friends had a totally tricked-out Claire's Accessories print ad-model quality locker bedecked with furry pink photo frames and magnetic decals reading BEST FRIENDS and HOTTIE (the O was in the shape of a heart), which I totally believe predicted her incredible personal and professional success in later life. Mine was more like a little terrarium environment Hoarders house, which I totally believe predicted the fact that I would grow up to complain about Ashton Kutcher on the internet.

From Quasi Hatrack (FKA go-falcons):

The inside of Junior Hatrack's locker typically looks like a Jersey dump but it's early days so it might not be too bad yet (I haven't had a reason to look). The outside of her locker is criss-crossed with yellow crime scene ribbon.

I love my girl.

And my favorite, from physucks:

I guess that makes my daughter the ultimate anti-girly badass. Her locker at school is just filled with garbage. I am so proud.

Ha. Garbage. OK, now tell me more!

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