The inadvertent consumption of pot brownies by unsuspecting dessert lovers continues to plague the weed-covered West Coast. After last month's accidental dosing of an office in Victoria, B.C., comes this story from Huntington Beach, Ca., in which a trio of senior citizens attending their friend's memorial unwittingly snacked on a plate of ganja-laced goodies.

The three were in their 70s and 80s, and after beginning to complain of "nausea, dizziness, and [an] inability to stand unassisted," they were rushed to a nearby hospital.

"At the service, a tray of brownies were offered that has since been determined to have contained 'medical' marijuana," said Huntington Beach PD.

Luckily, all three came through the ordeal just fine. It would have been a tragedy if they'd ultimately found themselves reunited with their old friend, red-eyed and giggling uncontrollably at how hilarious they all look with a pair of wings and a harp.

[KTLA, stock photo via Shutterstock]