After drinking enough to allegedly register a .227 on a blood alcohol content test, Florida person Matthew Falkner went to a Jensen Beach Taco Bell, ordered some tacos, then passed out in his pick-up truck while waiting in the drive-thru—just like you sometimes do! Taco Bell drive-thrus are comforting.

According to a police report posted by TCPalm, a Taco Bell manager called the cops after noticing that "[Falkner's] head was face down," and that his "engine was revving and there was smoke coming out of the engine and underneath the vehicle." When 5-0 arrived, they found an "unresponsive" Falkner. One officer reached into the truck, pulled Falkner's foot off the gas pedal, turned off the engine, and—after a few tries—finally woke him up. Then:

[The officer] asked the driver what he was doing and the driver stared at both of us with a blank stare. I asked the driver if he knew he fell asleep with his foot on the gas pedal and he stated he didn't know. The driver looked ahead, then began to fumble with his Taco Bell bag. He seemed not to care that there were Deputies out with him.

Aw, Falkner was just playing it cool. Unfortunately, the officers smelled alcohol and asked him for ID. Falkner allegedly responded by saying "no"—police officers' favorite word!—then "stared" at one of the officers "with a blank stare" again, took out a taco, and began eating it. "[An officer] advised the driver that we did not in fact ask for a taco, but that we asked for his identification," states the report. The officers did the breath test and arrested Falkner for DUI. At least he got to eat his food.

The next time something similar happens to you, offer to walk for the cops. They can identify you that way.

[TCM, via Miami New Times. Image of taco via Shutterstock]