Everybody say hi to Qu8k ("quake"): An artisanal rocket made by Derek Deville that zoomed 121,000 feet above the surface of Planet Earth in only 92 seconds. Deville launched Qu8k on September 30 from Nevada's Black Rock Desert (the same spot where the Burning Man Festival of the One Percent takes place). The 14-foot rocket weighs 320 pounds, yet looks so skinny. Must be muscle mass.

Besides making cool YouTubes, Deville's goal was to win the Carmack Prize—a $10,000 award for any amateur rocketeer who builds a craft that can soar 100,000 feet. If you'd like to watch a 17-minute version of Qu8k's journey, go here. Then take stock of your own homemade rockets and figure out how you can improve them. They've been underperforming lately.