Sometimes, the very most basic facts of a story are all that's necessary to see the colossal outpouring of public rage that is sure to follow. As in this case! College professors: do not order a student in your class who stutters not to speak in class, ever.

Phillip Garber (seen in the video above) is a 16 year-old in New Jersey who's so smart that he's already taking classes at a local college. Good for you Phillip! Phillip also stutters. Now that the emotional/ inspirational setup is in place, let's get to the meat of the madness! The NYT reports that Phillip's college history professor, Elizabeth Snyder, grew so impatient with his stutter that she ordered Phillip not to speak in class, and refused to call on him. Oh no she didn't!

As for questions she asks in class, Ms. Snyder suggested, "I believe it would be better for everyone if you kept a sheet of paper on your desk and wrote down the answers."

Later, he said, she told him, "Your speaking is disruptive."

I'll tell you what's disruptive, Ms. Snyder: your anti-inspirational attitude! Please enjoy the mind-boggling quantity of outrage that is likely already flowing in your direction through public and private communication channels.

Outrage! Feels good, doesn't it?