Devil's Night, also known as Halloween, is just around the corner and I'll bet you need a costume. No, you can't wear all black and go as a Beatnik again this year. You need a real costume. And here it is.

It's a "Men's Gay Costume Wig"!! Yayyy. Finally you can look like all those Bruces and Lances and fabulous Francises who roam the wide avenues of Chelsea, their chestnut locks bobbing in the autumn breeze. It's a nice brown wig that you can wear to complement any gay costume, from sailor right on down to methed-out truckstop hustler aching for a john or a fix or the cold embrace of death. It's really a one-wig-fits-all kinda deal, and it's only 15 bucks.

Interestingly, the attention from BuzzFeed and the Village Voice has seemingly compelled the Amazon listing to change the product from Gay Costume Wig to Adult Star Costume Wig, though you can still see the "gay" word up there in the URL. C'mon, guys! Just honor the gayness of the wig. No one's offended. Gays love a wig, and that's just the kind of wig you need to wear if you want to look gay. It's just facts.