One of Anthony Weiner's "sextees" is telling all in a new book, which includes a chat in which Weiner said his wife's parents were "backward thinking" because "I've never been accepted by them." Ha ha, can't imagine why they never accepted a stand up guy like you, Anthony. Tell us more of this injustice!

"A lot has to do with religion," the then-Congressman wrote, according to an excerpt published in the Daily Mail. "They just believe I should be Muslim or convert… it makes for a lot of uncomfortable meetings." Those uncomfortable meetings will likely continue, given that Weiner and Huma Abedin are still married, and due to deliver a baby boy next year. Except now Weiner won't be able to say his wife's parents hate him on account of his Jewish faith, because there are so many perfectly valid reasons.

On the bright side, this particular virtual mistress shouldn't do Weiner much harm. In the pantheon of horrible things a tell-all could reveal of Weiner, the fact that he bitched about his in-laws doesn't even rank. It's a little creepy that he used his niece's avatar in his chats. But the last time we checked, sexts were supposed to be somehow related to sex. This looks more like unpaid therapy.

[Photo of Weiner via Getty Images]