Eighty-one-year-old Phillip Winikoff isn't even a licensed breast examination doctor, so what was he doing offering free door-to-door breast examination services to female residents of a Coconut Creek, Florida apartment complex back in 2006? Perhaps we'll never know.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that to enhance his likelihood of success with the ladies, Winikoff carried around a black doctor's bag—an accessory that means "I am most definitely a real doctor" in about 99 percent of cases. Perhaps because of the bag, or just something about his demeanor, Winikoff actually convinced two women to submit to his phony exams. One of his victims figured out that something was wrong "when his hands wandered elsewhere" and called the cops, who arrested Winikoff for sexual battery, using the title of doctor without a license, and several other felonies. Winikoff faced a few decades in prison if convicted, but just struck a deal with prosecutors to potentially minimize his punishment.

Ladies: The next time a man shows up on your doorstep claiming to be a doctor who performs free door-to-door breast exams, think twice about accepting his offer. Yes, even if he's got a black doctor's bag. (If he's wearing a white doctor's robe and carrying a doctor's bag, though, then he's probably legit.)

[Sentinel. Image via the Smoking Gun and Shutterstock]