Ever since Seattle waitress Victoria Liss Facebook-posted the awful tip she received from one Andrew Meyer—aka "You could stand to loose [sic] a few pounds" Guy—you've probably developed some negative feelings for Mr. Meyer, and possibly for other Andrew Meyers around the world. Andrew Meyers are similar to apples, in that a rotten one can spoil the whole barrel.

However, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer informs us that a picture of "Andrew Meyer" that appeared on Liss's Facebook and made its way around the Internet does not show the same Andrew Meyer who left Liss the awful note but is of some innocent guy who lives in Texas. Pictorially speaking, Liss had "outed" the wrong Andrew Meyer. Ooops!

She's since issued an apology:

"I need glasses, I put up the picture of the wrong guy," she wrote. "I'm a douche for that. SO SORRY. Blinded by rage."

So has the Seattle Weekly newspaper:

Our most sincere apologies to the Mr. Meyer pictured earlier—you're probably a very nice individual who doesn't deserve any of the crap you've received.

If you wrote or said anything negative about Andrew Meyer of Texas, please retract it immediately. (Bonus Andrew Meyer fun fact: The "Don't Tase Me, Bro" guy is named Andrew Meyer.)

Update: Once gain, Liss is very sorry. Meanwhile, nice Andrew Meyer from California contacted The Stranger to connect with her and send her a 100 percent tip for Not-So-Nice Andrew Meyer's bill, which was $28.98. "My 'name' can't be shamed anymore," Nice Andrew Meyer says.

[Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Image via Victoria Liss]