This actor has been cheating on his wife for awhile and she may expose his sex tape during divorce proceedings. This actress is extremely ungrateful. And this aging rocker finally came out to his wife. She's supportive though, so she won't be airing any dirty laundry—or sex tapes.

1. "He's been cheating on Wifey since before they were even married, so no one—including Wifey—should be surprised that he continued after they got married. While there's been lots of media coverage of the public information, here's what's really going on behind the scenes of this celebrity couple: Don't read too much into those reports of the couple acting like they are trying to work things out. These appearances are staged so that Wifey can say that she desperately tried to keep the marriage together through faith and prayer and counseling. She is determined to come out of this looking like the good guy. Wifey has already hired a divorce attorney. Wifey also has a history of extra-marital activities. However, since she played by the rules and kept her affairs quiet and private, they probably won't play a part in this split. No matter how intense the scrutiny gets for Hubby, he just can't control his urges. In fact, he spent time with his mistress this past week. Wifey has been compiling lots of evidence of Hubby's extracurricular activities. The best evidence is coming from one of his former mistresses. Yes, there is a sex tape! When you think about it, it's really quite ironic. Live by the hidden camera, die by the hidden camera…" [Blind Gossip]

2. "This very talented B- list actress who was nothing before a certain hit network show and will probably fade away into a C after the show runs its course in the near future was at an event recently. The event was for her boss who gave her the job and the break and she told him she would be so happy to go and support him. However she told a different story to other people. Twice. Prior to leaving for the event she told one person that she could not believe that her boss was not paying her or giving her a gift or at least arranging a limo for her. 'I mean, I am spending a couple of hours of my time there for him, he should appreciate how valuable my time is.' The second time was during the actual event when she forced a smile while posing for photos with her boss and on the red carpet and then told someone, 'How long before I can get out of here? I did what he asked and I want to go. I have more important things to do.'" [CDaN]

3. "This elderly singer who was a sex symbol in the '60s and early '70s used to pay for sex acts with men so he could be discreet about his sexuality. As he is getting older and dealing with health issues, he finally came out to his wife a few months ago. The wife claimed she has known their entire marriage and agreed to stay because she claimed that she still loves him and always has, and claims she'll be his best friend for as long as they live." [BuzzFoto]