Did you know Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, professional Facebook suers, don't even want to pay the attorneys who secured their obscene $200 million settlement from the social network? It's true. But after losing to their ex lawyers in arbitration, in the New York Supreme Court, and now the New York Court of Appeals, they might actually have to fork over a 20 percent cut.

A New York appellate court declined to hear further arguments about the lawyer fees from the twins, according to the Hollywood Reporter, telling them they have received sufficient deliberation in their ongoing quest to constantly screw their associates out of money for the rest of their lives.

This means they probably have to pay up now, although really who knows, we wouldn't rule out some kind of ridiculous Supreme Court case of maybe an appeal to the U.N. Quinn Emanuel, the Los Angeles law firm whose work on behalf of the Winklevii was immortalized in The Social Network, has been trying to get paid ever since winning a $65 million stock settlement for the twins in 2008.

Even though the firm worked on a contingency basis, and even though the value of the settlement more than tripled as Facebook's valuation ballooned, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's embittered former classmates wouldn't part with their legal fee. They said Quinnn Emanuel should have done better due diligence on the value of the Facebook settlement stock and should not have publicly disclosed the size of said settlement. They have a point on that last one! But not a $40 million point.

[Photo of the Winklevoss twins via Wonderful Pistachios/YouTube]