After creating one of the most popular franchises of all time, George Lucas stepped away from filmmaking for years. Yes, dear old George may have invented stormtroopers, Death Stars and X-wings, but he's also responsible for some of the worst prequels in the history of movie-making. (And, of course, he's also responsible for every true Star Wars fan's worst nightmare, Jar Jar Binks.)

So if you're one of those diehard Star Wars fans still stinging from betrayal and looking for a little release, check out the hilarious yet thought-provoking animated documentary (yes, there is such a thing), The People vs. George Lucas, which is finally out on DVD today.

Utilizing interviews taken from over 600 hours of footage, and featuring actual Star Wars and Indiana Jones recreations delivered via needlepoint, Lego, claymation, puppets and paper-mâché, The People vs. George Lucas explores the dire consequences of fiddling with your masterwork like some restless god.

Not a Star Wars junkie? It's okay! You don't have to know what a midichlorian is to understand that George angered devoted Star Wars fans by making the dreaded prequels, a.k.a, some of the most derided additions and revisions to a film legacy ever witnessed by humanity. Other people corroborate this statement:

"You don't have to be a Star Wars nut to enjoy this fast-paced film." — Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

"Fast, witty and imaginative...." — Marshall Fine, Huffington Post

"An amazing piece of documentary filmmaking. — Filmschool

"The best film I have seen about geek culture ever." — Chris Gore, G4

Whether you watch it to finally find out what your friends mean when they complain that Greedo didn't shoot first, or you're just looking for someone else to back up your Lucas theories, The People vs. George Lucas has all the answers you're looking for. Available today on DVD, via digital download, and on VOD!