This TV gabber employs hookers around the world. This Hollywood husband is cheating (who isn't?). And this famous wife was investigating her husband because she thought he was January Jones' babydaddy. He may not be, but she found even more secrets.

1. "Rumor has it that this very conservative talk show host goes over seas to frequent the brothels for younger girls whenever he can get away…." [BuzzFoto]

2. "This long long time married couple is probably A list in our hearts, but in the business is a C for her and a B+ for him. You know, just for longevity, I would probably bump them up a notch. Anyway, the actor in this relationship has told his wife that he is getting older and is just not really interested in sex anymore and has trouble in the getting it up department so they have been celibate for quite some time. All of this however has not stopped him from having dirty sexy time with a stripper he was introduced to by one of his more notorious, high profile philandering friends." [CDaN]

3. "I would subtitle this one, 'Serves A Cheater Right.' This B- list movie actor recently called it quits with his wife. Well, more accurately, she called it quits with him. It turns out the wife was 100% convinced that our actor was the father of January Jones' baby. She could not be dissuaded. Well, while checking out her husband, she never did find out for sure if he is the father, but she did find out that he has been messing around with a whole bunch of other people that she had been totally blind about. So, called him out on it and kicked him out." [CDaN]

4. "While one Hollywood marriage is over because of multiple cheating scandals, another couple is using their debacle as an exercise in circling their own wagons. The second couple, who will be getting a divorce (despite their extensive denials), has had their legal teams reaching out to past and present paramours over the past few weeks to ensure that legal agreements are intact and that everyone is keeping their mouths shut. In some cases, the exes were reminded of confidentiality agreements with heavy legal penalties. In other cases, payoffs were made. You see, with this couple, revelations of extra-marital conduct would be devastating not only to their families but to their careers, since neither one is ready to come out of the closet yet. At least watching other blabbermouths come under scrutiny has had one positive effect on them: they've finally stopped bragging about their own fake sex life." [Blind Gossip]