Here's a redband (aka NSFW) trailer for American Reunion, the fourth feature film in the simply hilarious American Pie franchise. It's totally wild!

I mean, it's about two thirtysomethings masturbating. That's what it's about. And about a child with a jizz sock on its head. Wild! We mostly only see Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan in this trailer, but it looks like they've rounded up the whole gang, incluuuuding, very interestingly, old booze gremlin Tara Reid. Yeah, they searched high and low, in every bar bathroom in Mykonos, and they eventually found her. Terrific! Welcome back, weirdo.

Welcome back, all you weirdos! Hopefully this thing goes well so they can all be together for American Pie 5: Eugene Levy's Funeral, because good grief it must get depressing being in all these movies. [via Movieline]