Since it stopped playing music, MTV was supposed to be the youth culture network, always airing zeitgeisty shows that capture what's next. Then why are they bringing back all their hits from the '90s?

First they revived 120 Minutes, the awesome alternative music hour. Then they gave Beavis and Butt-Head a second chance. Now they're reviving the animated variety show Liquid Television and launching a website filled with all the old content. Today they premiered the first new cartoon short in almost 20 years (it's below). Yes, almost 20 years. What's next? A Nirvana reunion?

What makes MTV think that kids today are going to be into the same shit their father—OK, their very older brother—was into back in the day? Why not try coming up with something new instead of relaunching Teen Wolf. That said, I'll be watching The Maxx for the rest of the afternoon on the new Liquid Television site. It's like I'm 15 again!