We're down to the final five designers. Which will be bound for the big finale? Join us as we live-blog the episode together and find out!

For newcomers participate in this live blog is easy! Just turn on your TV, watch Project Runway (which starts at 9 pm Eastern on Lifetime) and post jokes and observations about the show in the comments section below this post. The rest of us will be doing that too. Here are a few highlights from when we all did it last week:

  • We loved it when Michael Kors declared himself to be "an orange kind of guy"—the most memorable personal-color statement since Kermit the Frog sang "It's Not Easy Being Green."
  • When Laura inexplicably sprouted bangs mid-episode, commenter Doreen DelPurgatorio wondered: "Is she Beautiful Chrissie? Does she have a knob in her back that rolls her hair in and out?"
  • Regarding Anya's increasingly enormous earrings, commenter Erzulie noted: "Her earlobes are going to be grazing her shoulders by the time she's 40."
  • When Laura spoke of making a "peplum," many of us didn't know what that was, but agreed that it sounded ugly. And know what? Wwe were right!

Also, due to the avian theme of last week's challenge, we made many, many bird jokes. Check out the best comments from last week, which is devoted entirely to bird-related humor. But before you go read that, allow me to humor you with a few tidbits about what we can expect on tonight's episode:

  • The remaining designers will have to create three-look collections that "emphasize their fashion vision," in a challenge that will determine gets to compete in the final runway show at Fashion Week.
  • In one of those "surprise twists" that stopped being surprising about six seasons ago, the last five eliminated designers will return to help out in the workroom. And if you're like me, you've forgotten who most of them are already. Let's see, there was an old guy with one ball and a fake accent, right? Or were those multiple guys?
  • Our latest Hot-Looking-Actress-Guest-Judge is Zoe Saldana, who—like the many HLAGJs before her—is eminently qualified to judge fashions by virtue of being (1) hot-looking and (2) an actress. But she's also Hollywood's latest Uhura, which is pretty cool, so I can't complain.

Oh, and speaking of Star Trek: I counted up all the votes commenters cast in our Kors-Style Runway Putdown (KSRP) contest from last week's live blog, and the winner was Capt.Snarky with his "barmaid on the Starship Enterprise" comment. So congrats to Snarky for boldly quipping where no man as quipped before!

And with that, it's time to boldly go down into the comments section, because the live-blog is about to start. I'll see you there!