Today we discovered that religious people have senses of humor, despite every single bit of evidence to the contrary. Good for them! This revelation led to all of you making lots of religion jokes and here's our favorite.

From Poundfoolish:

Saint Peter wanted a day off, so he asked Jesus to cover for him on Pearly Gates duty. Jesus asked, "how do I do that?" Peter replied, "It's easy. Ask each supplicant why he or she wants admission to Heaven. You can usually tell from their response what your decision should be."

So Peter takes his holiday and Jesus works the Pearly Gates gig. And as predicted, it turns out to be fairly easy. Busy, but nothing too complicated. Finally Jesus is down to the last potential angel, a strangely familiar older man.

Jesus asks him, "My son, why do you wish to be allowed into Heaven?"

The old man was silent for a long moment. He sighed deeply, looked up at Jesus and slowly said,

"I never had a child of my own. But for a short time, I was blessed with a miraculous boy whom I raised as if he was my own son. He was taken from me far too soon and my life was never the same. That is why I want to get into Heaven, to see my long lost son one more time. That's all I ask."

As Jesus listens, the feeling of recognition keeps getting stronger and finally, overcome with emotion, Christ tearfully exclaims, "Father???"

To which the man excitedly replies, "Pinocchio???"

Ha! Never heard that one before. More please.

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