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The internet is a funny place, in that one moment, it's restoring your faith in the world — say, with the story of a one-legged cat who returns a $10 million lottery ticket to his favorite waitress — and the next, it's showing you something so cruel and awful, you want to climb into a kayak and not stop paddling until you reach Pluto. This video, first posted on Tuesday afternoon by World Star Hip Hop and which has since gone viral, is a perfect example of the latter.

In it, three men taunt a woman, minding her own business outside a Sacramento strip mall. One lingers uncomfortably close to her as another films it and laughs. After what feels like forever, the first guy hits her in the face. Both men laugh hysterically. A few seconds later, she yells and takes off after her attacker, and he sprints away. Then a third man appears, much bigger than the first. The woman angrily asks, "Why do you laugh at me?" Then the third man knocks her to the ground with a savage left hook.

The outrage over the video led to a manhunt for the men. Today, the Sacramento County District Attorney's announced the arrest of Rasaan Zawadi, 21, the first man we see attacking the woman in the video. He's been charged with "assault with a gang enhancement," meaning it was gang-related. (The video was actually posted, proudly, by the suspects themselves.)

They are still looking for the second attacker and the man behind the camera. [The Smoking Gun, video via World Star Hip Hop]