This chanteuse has a thing for guys that are taken. This actress thinks she's too good for Dancing with the Stars but that it's perfect for her brother. Oh, and there's something about pregnancy that is just totally silly.

1. "This former star, but not winning female recent American Idol contestant is currently sleeping with a married executive of her record company and a married president of a company she met two weeks ago. Apparently our singer does not have many—as in no—female friends at all. I wonder why." [CDaN]

2. "'Yeah, the producers asked me (C+ list actress with A list name recognition) to be on that show (hit network reality show featuring lots of couples who dance), but I told them no, because it was just not the way I see myself or feel would be beneficial to my craft as an actress. How is being on that show going to win me an Oscar? Plus, they don't pay enough and I am just way too busy with other projects. I have so much going on now and can't waste my time with something like that, but it is good for you (reality show brother) because you don't have a lot going on and the money is probably right for someone like you.'" [CDaN]

3. "There's a lot of money to be made in pregnancy. If you're already famous, your public profile skyrockets even higher. You've got heat. You get more cover photos, more interview requests, more gossip column inches, more talk show appearances. You can expand your own product lines, as well as shill for products that were previously just out of your childless reach. Because, once you're seen as a mother, you can add paragon of selflessness and motherhood and traditional family values to your resume. Even if you're the most vain and selfish human being on the planet. Yes, there's a lot of money to be made in pregnancy. Even if you're not as pregnant as you're pretending to be. Even if you're not pregnant at all." [Blind Gossip]