Today we said that your dog obsession is embarrassing. Which, OK, yes sometimes it can be. But dogs are also great! One commenter nicely reminded us of this fact.

From GregSamsa:

For many years, I resisted getting a dog even though my partner wanted one. Then one day, a co-worker said, "Hey, a friend of a friend has a Dachshund she needs get rid of. I know you hate dogs, but if you're interested..." And I thought about it. My partner was feeling low—unemployed, couldn't find a job. I wasn't very happy either, since we'd recently moved from a neighborhood I loved to a neighborhood I hated (Morningside to Inwood). I decided to take the dog in, even though it was the one breed (besides a chihuahua) I swore I'd never own.

He was a year old, and was named Mikey. We renamed him Waffles (if you know why, awesome of you!) and everything changed. I snapped out of my neighborhood funk, and my partner's mood improved.

The thing about dogs is that you have to walk them. And while walking Waf, I got to know the neighborhood in a new way. Saw more of it. Met more people. Had an excuse to explore.

And my partner had a companion during those days when he didn't have a job—a thing to care for and cuddle with while alone. Waf helped him, in a way, to find a new job, in that Waf gave him new purpose and drive.

Yeah. I get why you'd get tired of hearing about other people's dogs. But I am surprised just how much influence ours has had on our lives, and I sometimes feel like giving credit where credit is due.


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