Maybe you were swamped at the office this week and couldn't check your favorite Gawker Media sites. Or maybe you're about to go back to work and could use one last distraction. Whatever the case, we've got you covered. Here are some of the best videos we watched during the week that was.

iPhone 4S Test Notes: Asking Siri for Sex and Drugs

After a little while it gets boring asking Siri to text people and convert gallons to quarts. It's been a long day. I'm a little delirious. Help me, Siri. View »

Real Mario Kart on the Streets of Tokyo, Drawing Huge Crowds

The dudes from Japanese car site Cliccar get out of their boring civvies and got dressed up as Mario and Luigi. Then, they hopped in two street legal X-Karts and took to the avenues and boulevards of Tokyo. View »

Watch us take a SWAT truck to a McDonald's drive-thru

I'd have no reservations about taking the Pit-Bull VX armored SWAT truck to a gunfight, but the local McDonald's drive-thru presented a unique challenge. View »

MTV Finally Reveals Just How Much Italians Hate Jersey Shore

That moment you've been waiting to happen all season has finally occurred: the public shaming of the Jersey Shore cast. And in that regard, last night's episode did not disappoint. View »

The Tiger Woods Hot Dog Assault Was Caught On Tape

Tiger Woods was assaulted by a hot dog that landed approximately 20 feet from him during the final round of the Open on Sunday, and walked away unscathed. View »

How Could Anyone Be Against Gay Marriage After Watching This?

One reason why some oppose same-sex marriage is they've never met a happy, loving gay couple or family. That's what the Campaign for Southern Equality is trying to change with the WE DO Campaign, which produced this heartbreaking video. View »

The Avengers Trailer Is Full of Explosions and Iron Man and Awesome and The Hulk

It'll take a lot to screw this up: Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, and a handful of other extremely cool heroes in uniform, all blowing things up together wonderfully. View »

Look Everyone, It's the Hero of Legend: Zelda!

Why is it called The Legend of Zelda when Link's the one doing all the work? Just wait until Metroid hears about this; she'll be pissed. View »

What it's like on board the stranded New Zealand cargo ship

A salvage crew from Maritime New Zealand's helicoptered onto the abandoned cargo ship Rena, hoping to determine whether oil can be pumped from the ship before it breaks apart. View »

Young Woman Ages 50 Years in a Matter of Days

Doctors are baffled at the case of Nguyen Thi Phuong, a 26-year-old Vietnamese woman who says that an allergic reaction caused her skin to sag and wrinkle, effectively aging her 50 years in just a few days. View »

Adorable Girls Who Rapped 'Super Bass' In Viral Video Meet Their Idol, Nicki Minaj

When a video of Sophia Grace, 8, and Rosie, 5, performing Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" hit the internet, it "went viral" in record time, accumulating over 7 million views. View »

The Peruvian Lady Soccer Fans Are At It Again, And What They're Doing Is Assuredly NSFW

"This is the voluptuous dancer Irina Grandez, who for love of the southern lands Blanquirroja arrived to put all the 'chest' by Peru, which now goes to 'kill' to Chile." View »

Watch a Baby Treat a Magazine Like an iPad—The Crazy Future

This is perfectly even mix of completely adorable and completely frightening. Adorable, because, well, it's a baby being cute and infantile. Frightening because her mushy baby brain's already been transformed by an iPad. View »

South Park Imagines a Mexican-Free America

What would happen if illegal immigrants from Mexico concluded that economic conditions in the U.S. were just as bad-or worse-than those in their native country and decided to return home en masse? South Park tackled that question last night. View »

Crazy Christians Say Pokémon Are "Oriental Demons", Minecraft's "Distracting"

Minecraft, congratulations! You've officially arrived. Religious nuts are railing against you. View »

In his front yard, this man built America's largest private racetrack

Alan Wilzig is just like you and me. He has a family, he loves cars and motorcycles and he's got a mile-long, 40-foot-wide full racetrack in his front yard. View »

The Parlor Game From Hell

In last night's edition of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, 90210, Dana invited the ladies gathered to play games at her house, which for all intents and purposes should have been a reasonably relaxed, fun time. It was anything but. View »

Snoop Dogg is Obsessed with the World's Largest Turnip

Here we have a perfectly rational, not-at-all-insane news report, introduced by a sober anchor, about how Snoop Dogg reached out to a Welshman named Ian Neale, whom he'd stumbled upon on YouTube discussing a noteworthy accomplishment... View »

Unreal "Death From Above" Goal Is Greatest Moment In Slovenian Sports History

There's plenty of context for midfielder Dare Vršič's injury time free kick goal against Serbia yesterday in 2012 Euro qualifiers, if you want it. Slovenia had never beaten a team from the former Yugoslavia, their historic rivals. View »

Watch a Cute Cat Fight a Hair Dryer's Invisible Hot Air (Updated)

Cats always have a mind of their own and they're not afraid to show it. So if you blow hot air in their face with a hair dryer, they'll try to smack the beejizzle out of the air. View »

Sonic Versus Three Generations of Rivals and Bosses

With two decade's worth of games to pick from, these are some of the gigantic bosses and wily rivals Sonic and Sonic will be taking on in next month's Sonic Generations. View »

This New York Subway Rider Has a Death Wish

New York City's subway system has been home to naked racists, naked bathers and vicious brawl. So what's next? How about the incredibly foolish guy who was filmed clinging on for dear life while riding the J train on the outside? View »

Watch a Nascar legend freak out in an Australian supercar

Darrell Waltrip won Nascar's Winston Cup three times and stands fourth in race wins among all Nascar drivers. Yet it only took half a lap in an Australian supercar around Mount Panorama to unleash his inner Snagglepuss. View »

Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sing Together En Français

At a recent event for, Joseph-Gordon Levitt enlisted the help of Anne Hathaway, his costar in The Dark Knight Rises and a hitRECord user to perform a ballad… in French. View »

Watch A $2.5 Million Dollar Yacht Sink on Her Maiden Voyage

Since China has a ton of people making a ton of money these days, they're just spending it wildly. Like buying $2.5 million yachts that don't work. As the yacht was entering the water for the first time, it started sinking and eventually capsized. View »