Hundreds of thousands of people around the world marched on dozens of cities on Saturday, joining the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations against greed, inequality and everything else that's screwed up right now.

Actually, it seems a little unfair to say that the world is joining Occupy Wall Street—some countries, like Spain, have had strong anti-inequality and anti-austerity movements for months now, so it's more like Occupy Wall Street was America joining the world—but either way, it's the global interest in the Zuccotti Park encampment (and its imitators nationwide) that spurred the October 15 marches.

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[Above, a young protester checks out police near the London Stock Exchange, where a group of around 500 people are currently kettled. Image via AP]


Italian police fired tear gas on protesters, some of whom allegedly "set fire to cars, broke shop and bank windows and clashed with officers" during the demonstrations. Authorities blame the violence on "hooded radicals known as 'black blocs' who'd infiltrated a crowd of as many as 100,000; apparently an Interior Ministry building caught fire. [Image via Manuel Parilla]



Wikileaks' Julian Assange came to the London demonstration (along with around 500 other people), which set itself up in front of the London Stock Exchange and was promptly kettled by the Metropolitan police. [Image via AP]


Leslie Mestman sent us this photo of today's protests, taken at Ban Jelačić Square.


Protesters set up a banner reading "If you speak - you are placed in an enclosure" [Image via AP]


Translation: "Good day for protest," top, and "What did bank do? The bank bankrupted!" bottom banner. [Image via AP]


Madrileños are, actually, old hands at this whole "occupation" business, having set up long-term encampments in their city (and across Spain) months ago. [Image via Gabriela Arreola]


There weren't many protesters in Tokyo, but there were plenty of security officials, seen here hiding in the bushes. [Image via Hiroko Tabuchi]


[Image via Jose Moreno]


Some 4,000 protesters demonstrated in Berlin; another 5,000 marched in Frankfurt. [Image via Getty]

Hong Kong

[Image via Patrick Boehler]


[Image via Anders Pettersson]


[Image via Daniela Perez Nunez]


The New York Times' Jim Roberts describes the Vienna protests as "mellow." [Image via tipster Karina Tischlinger]


Thanks to Larissa, who sent us a bunch of photos from Toronto.


A tipster sends us this photo from New Zealand, pointing out that the protests are "coinciding with the Rugby World Cup semi-finals."


Thanks to Marlena Bittner for the photo.