Here's Magen, a pastor's wife, up on the Family Feud, answering a question about "things you put in your mouth but don't swallow" with the word, "sperm." A pastor's wife! Saying that word! On the television, which kids sometimes watch. The end of our depraved species is nigh.

Magen seems so confident that her answer's going to show up on the big board. But when embarrassed Steve Harvey checks to see if she's right, the big Red X of Wrong sounds. Somebody's way out of touch with mainstream America (accurately represented by Family Feud survey respondents).

Thanks to BuzzerBlog for reminding us that this onetime benign Richard Dawson vehicle has become a dirty dirty sex and penis show where the dirty people with sex and penises on their minds go. Survey Said. (Also: drugs.) Kinda makes us nostalgic for more innocent times, but we're old and increasingly set in our ways.

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