Two zebras escaped from their exhibit at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston on Saturday, forcing the evacuation of the zoo and briefly sending the city into paroxysms of fear until zookeepers managed to return one to its enclosure and "confine" the other to a "non-public area."

It was the first day on the job for one of the two fugitives—a baby—and he apparently returned to the exhibit fairly quickly; the other, an adult female, "took off," probably in search of human meat, which is the zebra's favorite food. Zoo New England evacuated the zoo as a precaution and "corralled" some zoo-goers, like Pete Hopkins, who took the above photo, into a butterfly exhibit (butterflies neutralize the zebra's highly-developed sense of smell).

The zoo is apparently "investigating how the zebras managed to escape."

[CBS Boston, image via Pete Hopkins]