This video shows some Occupy Santa Cruz (California) protesters trying to close their accounts at Bank of America and being told they can't protest and be customers at the same time. It says so in the U.S. Constitution!

Unlike video documenting a similar action at a New York City Citibank, this news reel doesn't show anybody getting arrested—but does make the claim that a manager planned to lock the protester-customers inside, call the cops, and have them arrested. The protesters hang around the bank for a while and end up making nice with a local police officer who calmly explains what the hell's going on, exactly. Whoah, that's not how these protest videos usually end! Nice to see everybody being so civil.

Given these crackdowns, Bank Transfer Day should be an exciting time at America's banks. Pepper-spraying and cop drama could certainly make one's time standing in line go by faster. [YouTube]