Hulu put up the first two seasons of The Only Way Is Essex yesterday, the best British export since the Cadbury Creme Egg. Just like the Creme Egg, it's tasty, sugary, ridiculous, completely fake, and leaves you feeling just a little bit sick when you're finished. It's like the best parts of Jersey Shore and The Hills all at once.

The show follows eight people in Essex, whose denizens are known for their trashy clothes, big hair, trashy lifestyles, and very, very thick accents. In the first episode we see one girl get a spray tan, another get vajazzled, and a dude spend 3,600 pounds on an ugly watch. (The first episode is below.)

But all their interactions are staged and they go from brunch to party talking all about their love lives and the crazy parties they're having. There's even a girl named Lauren. Yes, it's like an amalgamation of MTV's two greatest reality creations, and you will be addicted. Or disgusted. Or disgusted so much that you can't help but being addicted. See, just like Cadbury Creme Eggs!