Whether you're seeking a new source of inspiration or just in need of some perspective, Wesley Warren Jr. has got what probably got what you need. But do you have what Wesley Warren Jr. needs? Uh, that would be $1 million to purchase the corrective procedure he needs to make his scrotum normal-sized again.

Since 2008 Warren, a 47-year-old Las Vegas resident, has been suffering from scrotal lymphedema—a condition that has made his scrotum swell up with watery fluid to weigh more than 100 pounds. He carries around a milk crate and pillow to rest his oversize body part upon, and because of the extra weight has trouble breathing and walking. He can't work, deals with uncontrollable urination, gets strange looks from passersby, suffers from depression (related in large part to his condition), and stays at home most of the time. He feels like "a freak." Yet he soldiers on, fighting off suicidal thoughts ("I'm too strong for that," he says) and laughing, however uneasily, at his predicament.

Nobody's really sure what caused Warren's scrotum to swell, which adds an extra element of horror to his situation. Warren believes a traumatic incident is to blame, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports:

What Warren attributes his condition to is an accidental striking of his testicles by his own leg as he twisted and turned upon awakening from a sleep in late 2008.

"I never felt such pain," he said. "It was like a shooting pain through my entire body. When it stopped, it was like a huge tractor trailer went off the top of me. I think it ruined my lymph nodes down there."

The pain quickly went away but he said the next morning when he awoke his scrotum was "the size of a soccer ball."

Warren's been on antibiotics and medications but needs surgery to resolve his problem. Doctors at UCLA say they can perform the "seven-figure" operation, but Warren's state Medicaid won't cover it—so he's got to pay for the surgery himself. Doctors can't even predict that the surgery will be successful; castration ultimately might be necessary. But Warren wants to see if the surgery will work before losing his testicles and penis forever, so he's set up an email address to collect donations and has begun publicizing his condition.

America's health care system is still the best in the world.