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Parenting pop quiz! If your teenage stepdaughter goes to a party without your permission, what is the appropriate punishment? Hint: the answer is not "force her to fight a two-hour 'medieval-style duel' with you."

But trying telling that to Yelm, Wash. Renaissance Faire enthusiast Freamon Seay, who not only made his stepdaughter dress up in armor (and a helmet, and padding) and fight him with a wooden sword, but also "punched and beat [her] with a tree branch prior to the duel." Again, this was for going to a party without his permission. (He told police that "since she was 16, she was old enough to fight him.")

Seay's wife and fellow Ren-Faire fan Julie, a daycare worker, apparently watched the duel, and has been charged with abuse as well. The family's three kids have all been sent to stay with other family members.

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