Louis Cole is a man with a pleasant British accent and extremely unpleasant eating habits—the latter guided in part by his fans, who make suggestions about what he should stunt-eat next. "To Louis, anything is food," says his Facebook page; his YouTube channel, FoodforLouis, confirms this, with featuring him eating all kinds of bugs and even "blended mice." Here we see him crunching on a live scorpion—who really wants to sting him (mostly because it's cynical about Louis' motives) but doesn't get the chance. Louis nearly gags during the mastication process, but rather calmly gets the job done without serious interruption.

The next installment of FoodforLouis is a "Halloween special" and is supposed to be "big." Some of the things his Facebook followers want him to consume: his own poop (duh), his own urine, a gallon of buttermilk, a dog placenta, "death frogs," a gallon of buttermilk, and/or "a jeans." We think he should eat five pounds of circus peanuts, candy corn, and Necco wafers. [Buzzfeed]