The musical Zanna, Don't! is about a high school where all the smart kids are more popular than the dumb kids, being gay is the norm, and being straight is abnormal. In one scene, two guys briefly smooch. Big deal, right?

Apparently it was for some of the kids who caught a recent performance of the musical at Hartford Public High School in Hartford, Connecticut, because they walked right out of the theater. As one of the school's principals told CBS Connecticut:

There was a public walkout by a bunch of students (when the kiss happened) … mostly male ...It was visually evident (due to the jerseys the team was wearing) that a lot of football players got up and walked out. It was almost a symbolic kind of thing."

The school has resisted calls by parents to remove the kiss scene from performances of the musical, which is being presented as part of an anti-bullying initiative at the school. If the football players at Hartford PHS are anything like the ones we went to school with, then they're the audience members who had the most to learn from such a program.