First came the email ghostwriter. Then Oprah and Saturday Night Live and a new mansion. Now Mark Zuckerberg has moved up to the next celebrity accessory, his own security guard.

Fellow tech rich kid Drew Houston, the Dropbox founder, told Forbes about a recent visit to the Facebook CEO's house:

Last month Houston spent an evening with Mark Zuckerberg plotting ways to collaborate over generous portions of bison meat (the Facebook cofounder is eating only what he kills this year). As he walked out of Zuckerberg's relatively modest Palo Alto colonial, clearly en route to becoming [a] big company CEO... Houston noticed the security guard parked outside, presumably all day, every day and pondered the corollaries of the path: "I'm not sure I want to live that life, you know?"

Between the bodyguard, the weird diet, and the Oscar winning movie built on his good name, Zuckerberg might as well be a Hollywood celebrity. All the computer nerd needs to complete the transformation is, like, a boozy, tabloid-ready fight outside some exclusive LA nightclub. Oh, wait.

[Photo via AP]