River Phoenix, the actor that your (much) older sister had a huge crush on in 1993 when he died of a drug-related heart attack, is going to be at the multiplex again next year. Yes, 18 years later, the director of his final movie is finally going to release it.

Dutch director George Sluizer hid the footage of his film Dark Blood after Phoenix' death because he thought it would be destroyed. Um, by whom? Rabid members of the River Phoenix fan club? Anyway, he's now reworking it to get a working cut movie together for 2012. He is reaching out to Joaquin Phoenix, River's possibly demented brother, to do voiceover on the movie because they sound so much alike.

The movie is about a man living on a nuclear test site waiting for the end of the world when a couple from L.A. show up a ask for shelter. That's too bad, if River is coming back from the grave to be in a movie it really should be about zombies, no?

[Image via Flickr]