The month-old Occupy Wall Street protests have already lasted longer than most observers (including us!) had expected. But with freezing cold temperatures and an inevitable media pullback, how much longer will they last?

Zuccotti Park isn't just going to become a permanent protest zone forever. It's been miserable and raining all day—in the back of their heads, a few of those occupiers must be like, "Damn, I just want to go home, get in my pajamas and watch an entire season of Arrested Development.

The protests might disappear from public consciousness before they physically pack up. The Times is asking if Occupy Wall Street is "overhyped." Now that every single media outlet in the country has sent a reporter to puzzle over the food, hygiene, computer gear, sleeping arrangements, hot chicks and anti-Semites of Occupy Wall Street, there just aren't that many angles left to work. (What about dogs? Oh, never mind.)

A lack of media coverage won't kill the protest. Neither will Mayor Bloomberg, apparently. Six inches of snow and single-digit temperatures might, though.

The original call to Occupy Wall Street said the plan was to camp out for "a few months." "A few" generally means "more than two," so let's assume the original organizers were hoping to stay at least three months. That puts us into mid-December. The average temperature in mid-December is around 30-40 degrees—not a pleasant prospect for protesters who aren't allowed to set up tents.

So place your bets: How long do you think Wall Street will remain Occupied? I'm going to say they'll be over before December 10th. If I'm wrong, I will go down there and camp out for the rest of the winter. (No, I won't.)

[Photos of Occupy Wall Street today via AP]