Some wacko has been spamming the internet with death threats against the Obamas, and various congressmen, and David Letterman. Google shows this guy's life must be largely spent on writing internet death threats.

The New York Times reports that the F.B.I. and the Capitol Police are investigating posts offering bounties for the killing of members of the Obama family, George W. Bush and more than a dozen Republican members of Congress, and for carrying out assorted terrorist plots like bombing dams.

Googling around, we found the culprit behind the messages goes by the handles AmerGovtPsychopathsExposer, FBInCIAnNSATerroristSlayer, HusbandOfALLFBInCIAnNSA Agents. Since September 17th he's posted hundreds of threatening messages to Google Groups, on forums ranging from bicycling, to juggling to activism.

A spokesman for the FBI told the Times the "suspect in this case could have mental issues." Probably!

In one message he offers $100,00 "to anyone for KILLING FBI, CIA and NSA Agents and their family members regardless of their age like FUCKING PIGS." Why? One reason:

Your EVIL FBI, CIA and NSA Christian Sadists and Terrorist Bastards 
secretly chipped and remotely programmed Melanie Iglesias's chipped brain to tweet
"My gift is also a curse" on 9-22-10

(Melanie Iglesias is the winner of Maxim's 2010 Hometown Hotties contest.)

It seems the denizens of Google Groups have taken this crazy dude's threats less seriously than the FBI. An October 1st post to an electrical engineering group was called "$75,000 for ASSASSINATING Mississippi Congressman ALan Nunnelee." Another user quickly responded:

$75,000 for ASS
a bit desperate, eh?

Just another day on the internet.

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