Someday, when historians try to explain the cultural milieu that led Occupy Wall Street (assuming future people even care about OWS?) they will point to this Wall Street Journal dispatch from a party where Kim Kardashian literally eats cake while discussing the plight of the protest's unwashed masses:

The Wall Street Journal ran into Kim Kardashian at Denise Rich's "Angel Ball" this week, where she was chatting with mogul Russell Simmons and actor Stephen Baldwin. Simmons brought up the "Occupy Wall Street" protests in Kardashian's presence, saying he's been down there "every single day." Kardashian noticed dessert had been served. "Ohhhh," she cooed. "That cake looks so good.

But does the reality starlet have a stance on, you know, economic inequality, and the Wall Street-Washington relationship? "No," she said. "Not really." […] "I support their right to protest."

The Journal ends with a line about "their right to eat cake," confirming my suspicion that the reporter must have really, desperately wanted to trick Kim into saying "Let them eat cake." It was right there, dangling before him! The platonic ideal of Kim Kardashian set-ups and quotes! But, alas, the elaborately ornamented creature did not wander into its appointed trap. Resisting the temptation to fabricate that quote must have been painful. [WSJ, image via Getty]