The revolution has spread past the 49th parallel and towards our friendly neighbors to the north: Occupy Toronto is only five days old, and already 2,000 have marched to the city center, with 100 of them having settled into a tent city in St. James Park. Sadly, however, the movement hit a slight bump on Thursday, as one demonstrator had pitched his tent in the grossest way imaginable.

The man whose voice we hear in the video above explains what led up to it:

This individual started to ask me personalized questions such as my LSD use and mentioned he is a chem student from U of T (he did have U of T ID hanging from his pants), so I said we should go into my tent. We started discussing certain spiritual themes and I asked him for a pen to demonstrate a correlation...[As] time progressed [my girlfriend] Margaret whispered help and I noticed him leaning into her while smelling her feet...

Moments later, the narrator turned on his camera and left to fetch security. He tells them not only did the man sniff his girlfriend's feet, but he also offered the group a sip of 5-Hour Energy Drink, which he claimed was actually the man's urine. They take the man, who's extremely high and disoriented, into custody shortly after that.

Yeah. Anyway, let's look at the protest kitties again. [YouTube]