Newly released video shows Mutassim Gaddafi, son of Muammar and former national security adviser in his father's regime, calmly smoking a cigarette shortly before his death.

The above video appears to show a bloodied Mutassim after being captured by Libyan rebels yesterday followed by gruesome footage of his dead body. According to ABC News, Mutassim's brother Saif Gaddafi is the only Gaddafi child unaccounted for: the other sons are dead and the daughters are exiled.

Mutassim is the Gaddafi brother who paid Mariah Carey $1 million to perform at his St. Bart's New Year's party. Here he is meeting with Hillary Clinton two years ago. According to State Department cables, he was rumored to involved in plotting a failed coup against his father in 2001. If only it had succeeded. Now he's dead.