Here's the trailer for Chronicle, a new superhero movie from son-of-John Max Landis and Big Fan writer Josh Trank. It's Cloverfield meets Spider-Man, starring Wallace from The Wire!

Did you like Cloverfield? I did! (Sorry if you didn't!) And I'm pretty excited to see its first-person handheld-camera schtick applied to another basic genre narrative. Here, instead of your standard monster movie, you've got your slightly-less-standard high-schoolers develop superpowers and have fun until something goes horribly wrong. (Be aware that the trailer kind of gives away the whole movie! Sorry again!) The effects look fantastic, and the acting appropriately cheesy, and best of all, there's no Avengers tie-in. It's kind of hard to get excited about superhero movies now that they are the only kind of movie that Hollywood even makes, but this one—and, full disclosure, I am an enormous sucker—looks really cool. And also: Wallace! We missed you!