Looks like police officers on duty at a high school football game in Roosevelt, Utah pulled a Tony Bologna move the other night when they pepper-sprayed a group of about 15 Polynesian fellows who were performing the Haka, a traditional dance, in honor of a relative who was playing in the game. The police also reportedly baton-whacked some of the dancers, just for dancing. Surprisingly no one was Tased or arrested, just for dancing.

To be fair, the officers did reportedly ask the group to stop blocking an exit—but coaches and others on the scene had told the cops to leave the fellows alone until they were done performing. The Deseret News reports:

"The cops were yelling, 'Make a hole! Make a hole!' But the coaches, the players, family members were saying, 'It's OK. It's OK, Let them do it,'" [a witness named Breana] said.

Witnesses say police didn't listen. Instead they began spraying the crowd of performers, players and fans with pepper spray.

"It was continual spraying and spraying," Breana said.

She said her husband was hit in the face with a police baton and sprayed with the pepper spray. Her 4-year-old son was also exposed to the spray, Breana said.

The incident is now under investigation. When asked to comment, Tony Bologna said he could tell from the Roosevelt video that the same invisible one-armed men who had been attacking his ankles where attacking those police officers' ankles, and that Homeland Security really needs to do something about those invisible men or else we're going to continue to see cops pepper-spraying crowds of people for no apparent reason. Oh yes he did totally say this, in my imagination.

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