Are our dreams of Princess Cocktail Waitress premature? Perhaps! Also, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively spend birthday time together and Jennifer Lopez has an on-stage breakdown. Sunday gossip is waiting to hear back from Tyler Perry about the role of "Judith's other coworker."

  • Is Prince Harry going to marry San Diego cocktail waitress Jessica Donaldson and, backed by American troops, launch his own claim to the throne of England? Probably not, according to Donaldson, who says that the two are not dating (although they did hang out a couple times at his request), and that a photograph that appears to show them kissing is not accurate. But! Donaldson "begins to visibly shake when asked [in front of her live-in boyfriend, nightclub promoter Brandon Thomason] if she spent the night with Harry"! So? What's the deal? "She told me they didn't kiss and I believe her," Thompson says. "She said he leaned in to talk to her and it was just the angle of the camera that made it look like a kiss." Booooring. [Mirror]
  • Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are dating! Each other, I mean. They hung out all weekend with their dogs. "They're really happy together," a source tells People. And that source was... one of the dogs. [Dramatic chord] [People]
  • Jennifer Lopez apparently burst into tears while singing "If You Had My Love" at her concert at the Mohegan Sun last night. Was she thinking about Marc Anthony? Or was someone chopping onions in the front row, hundreds of onions? [Daily Mail]
  • The-Dream and Chistina Milian are officially divorced, not that it will stop Dream from writing gross songs about the whole thing. [TMZ]
  • Kim Kardashian has been cast in Tyler Perry's The Marriage Counselor, his contemporary version of Andrei Rublev. Kardashian will play the meaty role of "Judith's co-worker." [THR]
  • The great Loretta Lynn has been hospitalized with pneumonia. She's apparently "doing well" but has cancelled her weekend shows. Get better Loretta! [People]