In her New York Times Sunday Book Review critique of the hottest book on the planet, Walter Issacson's 630-page biography, Steve Jobs, Janet Maslin quotes a passage in which the author extolls the triumph that is the iPad, as well as the tens of thousands of apps that can run on it. "One that he mentions," Maslin writes, "which will be as quaint as 'Pong' some day, features the use of a slingshot to shoot down angry birds."

A correction appeared later on the New York Times website:

Correction: October 22, 2011

An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated the premise of "Angry Birds," a popular iPhone game. In the game, slingshots are used to launch birds to destroy pigs and their fortresses, not to shoot down the birds.

Ohhh. That "Angry Birds." Yes, it no doubt will be one day compared to "Pong," a primitive video game in which a large ape knocks airplanes out of the sky with empty rum barrels. [NYT via Gothamist, Photo via MBK/Flickr]