What would cause a heartless jack-booted armed thug cop to heartlessly slap a tiny little bitty dog? (What!) A wee little Pomeranian mix, slapped out of a third story window? (No!) A tiny sweet little pet trying to protect his precious family, only to be heartlessly—heartlessly—slapped, by a cop, out of a window, falling three stories, its tiny body twisting as it plummeted to the hard, heartless ground below? (I never!) Outrageous!

That's what a lawsuit alleges, anyhow—that cops on a failed drug raid in the Bronx slapped—slapped!—Chuwie (Chuwie!), the tiny little Pomeranian mix who is really full of love, causing Chuwie's tiny, precious body to be propelled through a third floor window. Chuwie survived, thank god, no thanks to the thug heartless cop who actually allegedly slapped a tiny loving dog. (What sort of person does that?) The New York Post has the stunning, heartless details (and heartbreaking pictures!)of the most heartless alleged Pomeranian-slapping incident of the year, in the New York City area:

The pet-loving family tried to resume their normal lives, but 5-year-old Chuwie, who earned his name as a puppy by chewing on "everything," hasn't been the same since his ordeal.

The lawn outside the building cushioned Chuwie's landing, but Estevez noticed he was gingerly holding up his injured right paw after the 25-foot drop.

There was Chuwie, far outside his warm and loving home, gingerly extending his injured paw, as if begging for justice to be visited upon the heartless thug cop who heartlessly slapped the poor thing out of a window far above. (Think how far three stories is for a tiny dog.) "Please... justice," Chuwies' extended paw seemed to say, at that moment. He probably looked so cute right then.

One million dollars for the plaintiffs, in the court of public opinion.

[NYP. Photo of some dog who is almost as cute as Chuwie: Dan Bennett/ Flickr]